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How to Train Your Horse To Trailer Load
If you're having trouble loading your horse, I strongly suggest the investment of $4.99 in my trailer-training course.

- Download and print from your home computer
- 5 days, 5 chapters
- Learn at your own pace

An excerpt from Trailer Training: An Easy guide to the Proven Methods of John Lyons:

Your Horse Tries to Bite You or Push You With His Head

If you're working through the ground control exercises, as covered during Days One or Two and your horse tries to bite or push you around with this head, raise your entire arm (the one holding the lead rope) directly up. Do so abruptly, to the full extent of your arm, and angled toward the horse's head. His head will naturally shoot straight up into the air and it's not pretty but it'll protect you and serve as notice that you're not to be pushed around. Note that the very act of practicing your leading will go a great way toward placing you in the position of boss. Horses rarely if ever bite the boss horse. Gaining the horse's respect is the quickest way to end biting and being "dissed."

Because biting is the single-most dangerous thing a horse can do (a finger can be gone in an instant), we must deal with it in kind. Here are two remedies: One, if your horse bites you (or even "near misses you"), you have three seconds to tell him he just made the biggest mistake of his life. Hit him as hard as you can (anywhere but the head) for three seconds and no more. Striking beyond three seconds is punitive and the horse will no longer make the connection between his action and your reaction. Again, stay away from the head we don't want to accidentally hit the eye.

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