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How to Train Your Horse To Trailer Load
If you're having trouble loading your horse, I strongly suggest the investment of $4.99 in my trailer-training course.

- Download and print from your home computer
- 5 days, 5 chapters
- Learn at your own pace

An excerpt from Trailer Training: An Easy guide to the Proven Methods of John Lyons:

The simple fact is that, the more tricks you have up your sleeve, the better set you'll be to react to whatever a horse might throw at you. (And, as promised, I'll even show you that third "bonus" method I mentioned earlier, the one that makes use of a round pen, at the end of this document.) Quite often you'll find yourself mixing and matching the styles/methods explained here, Garanimal-style, in order to get the job done. That's a key point with any horse training you might do: Always be ready to try a different method if your student isn't getting it. It keeps you cooler and the new approach might just click with your student much faster. So throughout your trailer training, mix and match the methods you pick up here; think out of the box and react/adapt to how your horse acts. If you begin by asking the horse to load using simply "go forward" and you seem to be stalling out, try the "motivational techniques" covered yesterday and vice-versa. More on that to follow.

The second method (method "B," where you make "trailering up" the horse's idea) is a simple thing, really. With the left door shut (you'll later stand behind it) and the right door open, approach the trailer with your horse. More often than not, your horse will stall out and refuse to get any closer to the trailer at a certain point, maybe 40 feet away, maybe more, maybe less. That's okay. Don't force the horse to get any closer. He needs to understand that there is a place he can retreat to, that he isn't going to be forced into the trailer (read: die) and that you can be trusted. There in your safe zone, practice the exercises as described yesterday: Ask the horse to trot past you in the figure-8 pattern, ask him to disengage his hips and back up, to move left and right. Really get him moving and the two of you work up a sweat for 10 to 15 minutes.

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