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How to Train Your Horse To Trailer Load
If you're having trouble loading your horse, I strongly suggest the investment of $4.99 in my trailer-training course.

- Download and print from your home computer
- 5 days, 5 chapters
- Learn at your own pace

An excerpt from Trailer Training: An Easy guide to the Proven Methods of John Lyons:

We'll begin by working on your horse's understanding of "give to pressure." Ask your horse to move forward as you did in yesterday's installment (lead in left hand, raise right, tap if necessary). Let your horse travel past you several steps, then apply pressure to the lead. It's important that your horse "hit" the end of the length and turn to the pressure as opposed to you pulling his head to turn him. There's a major difference between him moving into the pressure and giving to it versus you pulling his head around. Do this a few times at a walk until your horse understands this simple concept. Next move the horse off, away from you, at a faster clip. Get the horse trotting to the end of the rope; giving to the pressure and turning back to you. When the horse is trotting see if you can't keep him moving, basically trotting in figure-8 patterns as he trots to the end, turns back past you to the other side before turning and coming back to repeat the maneuver. (Move the lead rope from hand to hand as you find necessary; search for a rhythm.) If your horse is getting excited ask him to drop back to a walk; it's imperative that you keep control. Don't let the horse begin building up steam unless you believe it's something you can control.

Be aware that the very act of walking past you (as if leaving) as described is going to seem odd for the horse and he'll most likely take a step or two before either stalling out or turning back in to you . As you read this it may be difficult to picture, but most horses will prove a mild challenge at this point. If that happens, be adamant, and do what it takes to move that horse away from you. You may need to really chase him off to get your point across.

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