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How to Train Your Horse To Trailer Load
If you're having trouble loading your horse, I strongly suggest the investment of $4.99 in my trailer-training course.

- Download and print from your home computer
- 5 days, 5 chapters
- Learn at your own pace

An excerpt from Trailer Training: An Easy guide to the Proven Methods of John Lyons:

Throughout this second method I've described, ("A") I'm sure you saw several moments where it would have been good to employ the "motivational techniques" from yesterday. For instance, if you tap, tap, tap, and just feel like your horse is content to stand there with one leg in the trailer and three out of the trailer forever, then bring him back out and motivate him. Work on your figure-eights for several minutes before going back to the trailer. The extra motivation often breaks the stalemate. It's a very common approach to speeding this whole process up. Caution: Don't just whip the horse around in a frenzy it's imperative that you practice something constructive. (That'll keep you objective and on your game.) Use the time to improve his ground manners, then give the horse another opportunity to take a break... inside the trailer.

Once your horse will load onto the trailer and stand there quietly, open and close some hatches or windows, rock the trailer lightly, hop up and down, etc. Do this before you've actually closed him in (the rear door is still open, the butt bar is not engaged). He may hop out with the extra excitement but it's better to deal with it now than when you're on the road the first time. If he decides to back out, you'll just need to continue this process, easing up to where you can simulate "road noise and conditions" without the horse having an issue. From there you can close the butt bar or chain and the rear door. Go around and tie him if he ties. (Don't tie your horse if he can't be tied. See "Notes on Tying," Day Five.)

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